Men’s Health Month

Let’s celebrate the men in our lives! June is men’s health month and we here at MCP want to encourage all men to take their health seriously. Men face a number of preventable health issues that we want to recognize. These include: Cardiovascular disease, prostate and testicular health, low testosterone, obesity, and colon cancer. Prevention […]

Healthy brownies

Healthy twist on an all American 4th of July favorite!   Devour this healthier version of brownies without the guilt. This brownie recipe is paleo – gluten free and dairy free. Ingredients: 1/4 cup coconut oil 1/2 cup cacao powder 60 g dark chocolate 1/4 cup honey 1/2 cup brown rice malt syrup (or 100% […]

The UCAP Assurance

The UCAP Assurance Pharmacies that are FocusScript Certified and have completed the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy site inspection program have earned the right to display the compounding industry’s ultimate assurance of quality, the FocusScript UCAP seal. Medical Center Pharmacy is entering its third year as a UCAP accredited pharmacy. An integral part of […]

Natural D-Hist

Breathe easier this allergy season with a blend of these natural remedies from Ortho Molecular Products. Quercetin, stinging nettles extract, bromelain, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and vitamin C are combined to make up the perfect support for a healthy nasal and sinus passage during the spring. Quercetin- as anti-histamine works to stabilize the mast cells in […]

HRT Specialist

Patrick goes to Vegas! Patrick recently completed his Hormone Replacement Therapy training and received his HRT Specialist Certificate. Stop in and ask Patrick about: thyroid, brain, gut health for healthy aging and hormone regulation; how to optimize the gut and brain connection; how to enhance thyroid and adrenal support.  Stay tuned to a series of […]

January- Thyroid Awareness Month

~Thyroid Awareness Month~   Every cell in the body is influenced by the thyroid gland. A healthy functioning thyroid gland is vitally important to the body’s well being. Unfortunately, thyroid disease affects nearly 30 million americans and is more common than heart disease and diabetes. The Thyroid: This small gland is part of the endocrine […]

A 4m Training

MCP’s Pharmacist Patrick McNeely received training at A4M’s Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Symposium in Chicago.   This symposium addressed the topics of: The numerous benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for men and women Identifying the clinical signs and symptoms of Adrenal and Thyroid dysfunction How diet and OTC nutritional supplements can help optimize hormone balance […]

October Supplement of the Month: Bergamot

October’s Supplement of the Month: Bergamot   Benefits: relieves anxiety calming and soothing aroma promotes healthy, clear skin Uses: Diffusion: use 3-4 drops in the diffuser of your choice Internal Use: dilute 1-2 drops in 4 fl. oz. of liquid Topical Use: apply 1-2 drops to desired area. Dilute with coconut oil to minimize skin […]

Pre/Postnatal Supplements and Compounds

MCP carries a variety of supplements to fit your health needs. Here are some prenatal supplements that even our Pharmacist Heather Barcus uses!   Prenatal DHA • Supports healthy development of the brain, eyes, and nervous and immune systems* • Provides 480 mg of DHA, exceeding the minimum recommendations (300 mg) of daily DHA intake […]

Wellness Seminar Series

On September 14, 2017 from 6-7 pm MCP will be hosting a seminar on:   A Unique Approach to Acute and Chronic Pain Relief   Learn about: Dr. Frank’s background and the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness. How Cold Laser can treat acute and chronic pain for arthritis and tendonitis. The Frank Institute Primary Care’s unique approach […]