A 4m Training

MCP’s Pharmacist Patrick McNeely received training at A4M’s Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Symposium in Chicago.   This symposium addressed the topics of: The numerous benefits of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for men and women Identifying the clinical signs and symptoms of Adrenal and Thyroid dysfunction How diet and OTC nutritional supplements can help optimize hormone balance […]

Wellness Seminar Series

On September 14, 2017 from 6-7 pm MCP will be hosting a seminar on:   A Unique Approach to Acute and Chronic Pain Relief   Learn about: Dr. Frank’s background and the Frank Institute for Health and Wellness. How Cold Laser can treat acute and chronic pain for arthritis and tendonitis. The Frank Institute Primary Care’s unique approach […]

Arthritis Awareness Seminar

May is National Arthritis Awareness month and we are offering many ways in which you can educate and protect yourself from this very debilitating disease.  On May 13th, we will be hosting a Wellness Wednesday seminar on Arthritis Awareness.   You will learn about the different forms, about the pain associated with arthritis and how […]

Open Your Eyes to Healthy Eating and Foundational Health

Open Your Eyes to Healthy Eating and Foundational Health In honor of March’s National Nutrition Month  and Save Your Vision Month, we at Medical Center Pharmacy remind you that caring for your eyes includes paying attention to your Foundation of Health. According to the American Optometric Association, approximately 43 million Americans suffer from age-related macular […]

The Vital Plan for Preventing Disease Seminar

The Vital Plan for Preventing Disease Wellness Wednesday Free Seminar If  you suffer from chronic fatigue, inflammation or aches and pains, this Wellness Wednesday free seminar is for you! Join us February 25th from 12:30 to 1:30 to hear our guest speaker Dr. Bill Rawls to discuss how to prevent age-related disease through diet, lifestyle […]

Wellness Wednesdays

Join Us in January and start your year off right! Kristen Stritter, our holistic nutritionist, will be conducting three FREE Wellness Wednesday seminars at Medical Center Pharmacy. Kristen has worked over 15 years in the nutrition supplement industry and will be sharing her knowledge of diet, nutrition and health. Foundational Health – January 14, 12:30 […]